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At Addasu Family Chiropractic we have a mission to be a community-centered chiropractic office where kids can thrive, moms and dads feel supported, and you leave feeling renewed and hopeful!


Who We Serve


Addasu’s specialty in pediatric care is what truly sets it apart. Achieving incredible results from fussy colicky infants, to constantly sick kids, to sensory and spectrum challenges.

Setting a proper foundation during the prenatal period is where health is built for an entire family. Addasu commits to exceptional care and support through pregnancy, to conception, all the way through postnatal care.

The typical parent is stressed, burnt out, and exhausted. Care at Addasu allows parents to routinely experience more energy, and emotional well-being like never before

Getting Started With Us

Before Your First Visit

After scheduling your first visit with one of our team members on the phone, you will be sent our digital paperwork. This allows us to get all of the information we need and gives us a good idea about what you’re struggling with. Be sure to fill it out in its entirety to the best of your ability! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

First Visit

At your first visit, we finally get the opportunity to put a face with a name! We hope to make you feel comfortable and welcome in our space, so we will start the experience with an office tour first. We then have the opportunity to connect with you one on one and listen to your concerns and aspirations for your health and life. During this consult you will work together with the doc to create individualized health goals.

After reviewing your paperwork, we will use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate your spine, allowing us to assess how your body is adapting to stress. This part of your evaluation is so important because it allows us to test, rather than just guess how your nervous system is functioning.

After your spinal analysis is complete we will take x-rays if necessary. The information gathered from your consultation, spinal analysis and xrays will allow us to create your personalized care plan to help you achieve your health goals.

Plan to spend about an hour to an hour and a half with us to allow extra time for us to be thorough in creating an exceptional experience for you.

Second Visit

At your second visit, the doc will sit down with you and review the health goals you created together. He will then go over your scans and xrays, and walk you through the individualized care plan he created for you, to help get you back to enjoying life abundantly!

If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself, your health, and your life, you have come to the right place! This is when the magic starts, and you receive your very first adjustment at Addasu Family Chiropractic! This visit will take approximately 30 minutes.

♥ Phoenix “I started going to Addasu for my three month old who struggled with a tight latch, reflux and constipation. I was amazed to see instant results with the constipation each visit! I was also elated to see his latch begin to get better and better each week to where we had zero issues with nursing within a few weeks. We can always tell if he needs to get back to see Dr. Kevin because his reflux will creep back up. I have been recommending Addasu to all my mama friends because we have such a sweet, happy and carefree baby ever since we started going!”

♥ Destiny

After regular chiropractic care Destiny experienced relief in her back, neck, and in places she didn’t expect! Destiny told us that she didn’t know that seeing a chiropractor could do more than just help her back. Destiny saw that she was less grumpy, had more energy, and her daily headaches were GONE!

Destiny has committed to not covering up her problems with painkillers but instead seeking the root of the problem through chiropractic adjustments. In reflecting back on her life, Destiny said “when I look back and think about how much pain I was in, I wonder why I let it go for so long.”

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