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At Addasu Family Chiropractic we have a mission to be a community-centered chiropractic office where kids can thrive, moms and dads feel supported, and you leave feeling renewed and hopeful!


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Our distinctive focus on pediatric care is the cornerstone of what sets Addasu apart as chiropractors. We are achieving results in even the most challenging pediatric cases, ranging from colicky infants to neurologically stressed children like those facing sensory and spectrum challenges. We are privileged to witness these young souls transition from a reliance on medications to embracing a life filled with remarkable health and boundless happiness. Addasu’s commitment to pediatric well-being is a beacon of hope for families seeking a path to vibrant and thriving futures for their children.

At Addasu, we are with you every step of the prenatal period—from conception through postpartum. We assist families in conceiving without the use of drugs and provide unwavering support to expecting mothers. Through chiropractic adjustments, education, and dedicated support, we empower mothers to navigate their pregnancy journey with confidence.

The journey of parenthood often encompasses persistent stress, unyielding fatigue, sleep challenges, and headaches, but it doesn’t have to persist in that manner. Through our dedicated care, our goal is to create a haven where parents are consistently met with increased energy levels and improved emotional well-being, providing a guiding light for a more gratifying and joyful parenting experience.

Getting Started With Us

Schedule Consultation

STEP ONE is scheduling a Consultation with one of our doctors. Our neurologically-focused pediatric chiropractors knows how to dive deep into a child’s case history unlike any other professional out there, listening and looking for the true root causes of your child’s health challenges.

Many parents report that already after this first step in our clinical process they feel excited and confident about care because it’s the first time they’ve actually felt heard and found answers as to why their child is struggling in the first place.


STEP TWO is doing a deep dive into the function of your child’s central nervous system, using an incredible set of technology called the INSiGHT Scans. They consist of three (3) individual scans that will find, measure, and quantify how much stress and tension may be stuck in your child’s autonomic nervous system.

Three of the main things these scans are looking for are subluxationdysautonomia, and vagus nerve dysfunction – which are all just terms that mean a stressed-out and dysfunctional nervous system. To learn more about this incredible technology used by Addasu Family Chiropractic, check out this article here!

Care Plan

STEP THREE is figuring out an exact, customized Care Plan that fits your child’s exact needs. Our docs are trained to use what is called the PX Care Plan Builder, which blends together your child’s severity and duration of challenges, genetics and lifestyle, as well as the INSiGHT Scan and exam findings to ensure that the exact right care plan is generated and your child receives fully customized and personalized care.

Report of Findings

STEP FOUR is sitting down with your PX Doc at what’s called the Report of Findings visit, and going over the INSiGHT Scan and exam findings, your child’s personalized care plan, and having every single one of your questions and concerns answered. This is such an exciting visit for families, as they finally have a clear action plan to get their child’s health + healing back on track!


STEP FIVE is getting started with your child’s Adjustments, which are safe, gentle, and get right to work on relieving tension and stress from your child’s nervous system! While many parents may initially get nervous about starting something new like chiropractic care for their kids and family, they are immediately put at ease when they see how gentle and easy-going things are with neurologically-focused, pediatric chiropractic care from our docs! Get ready for lots of laughs, relaxation, better sleep, and some serious healing!

♥ Phoenix

“I started going to Addasu for my three month old who struggled with a tight latch, reflux and constipation. I was amazed to see instant results with the constipation each visit! I was also elated to see his latch begin to get better and better each week to where we had zero issues with nursing within a few weeks. We can always tell if he needs to get back to see Dr. Kevin because his reflux will creep back up. I have been recommending Addasu to all my mama friends because we have such a sweet, happy and carefree baby ever since we started going!”

♥ Destiny

After regular chiropractic care Destiny experienced relief in her back, neck, and in places she didn’t expect! Destiny told us that she didn’t know that seeing a chiropractor could do more than just help her back. Destiny saw that she was less grumpy, had more energy, and her daily headaches were GONE!

Destiny has committed to not covering up her problems with painkillers but instead seeking the root of the problem through chiropractic adjustments. In reflecting back on her life, Destiny said “when I look back and think about how much pain I was in, I wonder why I let it go for so long.”

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